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Nice app

I have been a fan of Budget Bytes for a while so I thought I'd try the app. I like it so far--I like having the recipes handy at the store and in the kitchen without excessive googling or having to write things down. I just signed up so I can't speak to the login issues of others. Overall it's been so convenient for me that it's worth the price tag.

I hate that I have to sign up

I don't want junk mail, don't make me sign up for an app I already paid for. I like the recipes--nice photos and clear instructions, but now I can't save any. Also, the cost is fairly dishonest. Sometimes it says I need a small amount of something but I have to buy the entire package of it, which easily increases the cost per recipe by many dollars. Something to keep in mind if you think you're saving money.

The app is really cool, but it’s missing recipes that are on the website.

What is the point in using the app if it doesn’t show all the recipes? I’ve noticed balsamic bruschetta chicken is not in the app, but it’s on the website. I didn’t see any mention of missing information in the description.

Beth's voice makes it personal

Great having Beth's voice for recipes, it gives it such a personal feel. Love the fast easy affordable go-to recipes at my fingertips too.

Bad update!

The app said to update and I updated. Now I cannot access anything without "signing up". I already receive the emails. So I signed up and now All the recipes I saved and all the cookbooks I created are all gone! Do not know if the app is worth this aggravation. Scared to start all over because another update will just wipe it out again. I had always enjoyed the recipes posted website. Not sure what to do... Otherwise, this would have been a 5 star rating because the recipes are good, the app is not. :( if things change for the better, I will update this review, if I am allowed.


i can't create an account with my email. The app has frozen every time i try. And it also freezes when i try to skip making an account. i wish it would work, but i spent money on something that won't work for my phone. But from what i can see, the app looks beautiful!

Really Use App

I just moved out and use this to meal plan for my apartment! Great idea and very accessible. Please add more recipes.

Would give 0 stars. Horrible app

Expensive and doesn't work right

Paper saver

I have been religiously following the BudgetBytes blog since college when I could barely afford ramen. I love this app, especially it has been saving a ton of paper from printing out the recipes all the time. I love the step-by-step feature and the cooking timers. I've recently started eating more clean/paleo, and the recipes are very simple to make substitutions (spaghetti squash for pasta, honey for sugar, etc.). I'm really looking forward to all my favorite recipes to be added, but for now I am enjoying some new ones.

One flaw

The app overall is great. Having to sit through the same tedious and unskippable tutorial every couple of weeks when the app updates is not so much fun. Please fix that.


So happy to see an app for these recipes. I've cooked them for years and it will be so much easier to just grab them here in the app.

Happy that an iPad version is out, but it is BUGGY!

I was excited to see that the new update included iPad support, and quickly purchased it, but I've been very disappointed with the experience. I'm using it on iPad mini 4 in 10.3.2. The screen isn't responsive and doesn't grow and shrink when switching of from landscape to portrait or vice versa.so if I'm in landscape mode and reorient to portrait, there is a large black space, taking up half the screen. Also, recipe pictures don't expand to the full frame of the screen, leaving a large white space/sidebar on the right side. The UI isn't very intuitive and it took a few tries to figure out how to get out of cooking mode. There should be a static button in a corner layered above the pictures in cooking mode that gives the option to leave that mode. Lastly, I know you want people to sign up to get metrics, but it should be optional. I don't want to be bombarded with a signup screen every time I load an app that I paid $3 for. It's highly spammy and bad for UX. It should appear once on initial load and that's it. I should also be able to save/favorite recipes locally, if I don't want to sign up for that feature, especially (again), for an app that is $3. These tactics are typical of a free app, but not paid. I hope these kinks are worked out in a future update. I've been a fan of budget bytes for many years now. I hope the app issues will mirror the high quality and effort put into the site. The UX should be seamless and not steal focus from the purpose, the awesome recipes. :) Edit: version 3.20 Same issues persist. Don't charge a premium price if you don't have a premium app.

Great recipes but unable to reach full potential

I love Beth's recipes but I can access all of them online... what makes the $3 worth it is the features available with an account- saving recipes and the like. Unfortunately I have been unable to sign up with an email and unwilling to sign up with Facebook and give out so much info... I really want to love this app because of how cool it is (being able to listen to recordings of instructions while I cook? Awesome!) but I feel like I am missing out because I can't create an account.

Missing Recipes

I like this app overall because I enjoy assembling cookbooks. But a large number of recipes seem to be missing. Like lemon poppy seed two-bite scones. I am looking at the recipe on the website right now but searching for it on the app results in nothing.

It's the first time I haven't had to think twice

It is the first time that I have not had to think twice before buying this app. I have about three or maybe more years following your blog and has been an inspiration to me, more than recipes I learned a lot about keeping on budget, organization in all without food waste or money, and that for me is superfood. Congratulations!

Needs more recipes

This app doesn't have the whole list of recipes that are on the website. I like the interface and saving recipes into different categories option.

Very helpful cooking tool!

This is a great app! I'm a long time Budget Bytes fan, and was super pleased after downloading this new app! Love all the features, like the cooking directions (including the exact amounts featured in each direction... super helpful), "cookbooks," and videos available during cooking (who knew there was a right way to core a cabbage?). My only suggestion: PLEASE add a shopping list feature! I used to love adding a recipe to my big oven shopping list, but hated navigating between browser and big oven app. Now I'm back to pen and paper. If you could add items directly from recipe to shopping list in-app, all my wildest meal planning dreams would be achieved! 💖 Otherwise, I'm loving this app!

Really neat app - needs more recipes

This is a solid app with a lot of great features. But in my opinion, it needs more recipes to be worth the price. I'm sure they'll be rolling out recipes on the regular, I just don't think there's currently enough content to justify a price tag at the moment. It'll be fantastic when there's more recipes to choose from.

Excellent experience with excellent content

This app makes me excited about cooking. It's very functional during shopping and cooking. I am also loving just browsing through like the blog. Great work.


Really good looking app! I'm a big fan of Budget Bytes. My one recommendation is to allow for EXCLUDED ingredients as well as included ingredients. Example: I'm a pescatarian, so I'd like to be able to exclude all meat, but still get vegetarian and fish friendly meals. Good work on the app!

Wanted to like it

I bought this app because I wanted to support the woman who runs Budget Bytes, but it's a worse user experience than the site. A few reasons why: -The format is changed, so the ingredients list isn't separated into sections (like sauces versus the rest of the dish) which is a pain if you just want to use the sauce -The videos (and the loud voice that accompanies them) are easily to accidentally start, and since I'm already a dedicated user of the site, I'm used to following her great recipes already -Worst of all, not all recipes are included in the app! I get that the video process is probably laborious to some extent, but couldn't the basic recipe at least be ported over. Anyway, I wish I could recommend the app, since I won't shut up about the site to all my friends and family. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I've loved this blog forever and use it exclusively every single night to cook. The app is just gorgeous and really easy to navigate. Just love it!


This app makes my life so much easier! Was already a devoted fan of the website but having everything easily accessible on my phone is amazing. This will make grocery shopping and meal planning much easier. Very proud of Beth!!! Thank you!


This app has great potential but doesn't have much for recipes currently. Hopefully more will be added soon and I can give it 5 stars.


This app is everything I love about the budget bytes website taken up a notch. I love that you can adjust the recipe for more servings and it adjusts the ratios in the recipe for you. I'm all about the step by step instructions with built in timers for each step. And I dig the ability to categorize the recipes you save however works best for you. The only drawback is that the full catalog of recipes from the website isn't yet available, but there's still plenty to choose from as more are loaded in.

Yay! New ap for my favorite recipe site!

I use Budget Bytes recipes alot! As a single person trying to save money this site has been a great resource. So excited that the recipes are now even easier to access and bookmark!

Where are the recipes?

There are only a handful of her recipes on this paid app. Disappointing until more are added.

Love it!

Great news. I love the app and I love love love all the recipes. It's so easy to use.

I was just thinking to myself, "I wish there was a budget bytes app..."

I'm very pleased to see that this exists now. I've been using the site at the recommendation of a friend, and I love everything about it. I will be more than getting my money's worth from this app! Anyone looking for a recipe app that not only had great dishes, but also allows you to plan your budget for the meal AND you're able to filter by vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc. This is the app for you!

Budget Bytes

Wonderful!! Thank you Beth


Love the app but super bummed that all the recipes aren't there. The step by step part of the recipe is great but I wish we were able to access all the recipes, even without videos.

Great Recipes!

I have been using budget bytes for several years and am a huge fan of these recipes, especially many of the fewer ingredient simpler ones. So happy it's finally in app form! The talk features and extras are fun, but the recipes themselves are gold and the best part of this app.


This is fantastic! Been waiting for this for years! 👍🏼👍🏼

Not iPad friendly

I was quick to buy this because I love the site but was hugely disappointed that it doesn't work on iPad. The description does say iPhone only so that was my fault for rushing into it. Don't buy this unless you want it on a small phone screen.


I'm sad to discover that not all her recipes are available on this app at this time. I don't know if there are plans to add more at a later date. I am particularly fond of her miracle mac & cheese recipe which is one of the simplest recipes that she has, and that I consider a favorite.

So excited about this app!

My husband and I have been using budget bytes recipes for years! I would have been thrilled with a simple app with recipes, but no...this goes above and beyond what I have ever seen in any that I have ever purchased! I haven't even begun to take advantage of all of the perks of this app, but after paying around with it...I have already bought it for a close friend so she can enjoy it too! Thanks Beth for taking the time to develop an app that is so incredibly useful!!!

Beth is GREAT! 🍳

I absolutely love Beth and am sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to have this app at my finger tips!!!

Great app, great recipes

I've loved Budget Bytes for years, and this new app is fantastic so far. Nice work.

Beth's real voice!!

I love these recipes! All so cheap, easy, and the app actually has Beth's voice in it. Great app

Great app and great website!

I love the website and this app is a huge step forward. The ability to change the portions on the recipes makes life a lot easier!

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