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Upset that i don’t have the access to the recipes I have on the desk top version. My hope was to be able to meal plan on the go

Pay and pay again for fewer recipes than on the website?

Search function is terrible, and you have to pay extra within the app to access the recipes that are available on the website for free? Yeah, I’m going to be requesting a refund for this one.

Fun and Easy!

I love this app! It’s amazing! I’ve never seen one like this. It’s great for me - a seasoned cook/baker - and for my daughter who is new to living on her own - knows how to cook but isn’t super confident. I’m recommending this app to her AND to you!


The first ACTUALLY budget conscious website/app I’ve found and loved. Absolutely love this app!

Love love love

By far the best recipe app!

Budget Bytes

My favorite go to app and Instagram page to find all of the easiest yet tasty recipes! My favorites are the quick bites!

Best meal planning and prepping app ever!

I have prepared dozens of tasty healthy and affordable meals so far... The best part is there are hundreds more recipes yet to try!

❤️ Budget Bytes!

I love all of Beth’s outlets - I started reading her blog almost 10 years ago and also have her cookbook. I love the app, too! The functionality continues to improve as more recipes are added. I love all the recipes and the step by step instructions!

Needs work

There is a lot on the website that is not available through the app for example the meal prep section. Also, please update to make the iPad version able to flip into landscape mode.

Love her recipes

Been using her site for years. We love making new dishes at her suggestion. Her app makes looking up recipes and the whole general process much easier.

Great App but

1.) Would really like to be able to listen to podcasts while pursuing recipes. Every thing me I open app, whatever I’m listening to stops. I can understand if that occurs with the cooking video but often times am cooking, looking at the app AND listening to the news on my phone. Please fix so that I may do both at the same time. 2.) would like to use app to grocery shop to meal plan for the week with 2-3 recipes at a time. Can you please add a grocery list to app?

Love IT!

This app is easy to use and I LOVE the recipes!

Great for the Young Millennial

I just recently moved halfway across the country after graduating college and joining the military. When I first settled into my apartment, none of my personal affects had arrived. I had a skillet, some tongs, and a spatula. I used this app, with it’s handy instructions and tips, to feed myself on a budget. People wonder where there paycheck goes at the end of the month, and the answer is it’s all spent on food! With this app I was able to get a better handle on my dining expenses, while not sacrificing quality or quantity.

Meal prep budget!

Absolutely love this app! I was constantly researching meal prep bloggers, recipes, and ideas. But, then started realizing that meal prepping started to get costly and it shouldn’t be. I meal prep to stay healthy, to avoid eating out, and to stay within my monthly budget. This app made it easy! It allows me to stay organized every month by allowing me to create “cookbooks”. So every month at the beginning of the month I create a new cookbook of recipes specific to that month. The app allows you to select the amount of servings you’d like so you can easily decrease or increase to the amount that you need. Budget Byters that use the app also leave reviews when they make a recipe, so you can see others feedback and ideas of what they used to replace ingredients. For example, I replace butter with ghee and normally always replace sugar with honey. Definitely recommend for something that’s serious about meal prepping and is on a budget.

Not happy

Plagued by ads from Facebook and others, I purchased the app. The recipes I found online are not available on the app. It’s so disappointing.

Some issues

So the token system is lame, but I look at the web page A LOT and get whatever recipes that aren’t on this app from there, no big whoop. The real thing that makes me give this one star is there is effectively no ‘back’ button. The ‘x’ or the ‘<‘ symbols in the upper left must be there for decoration because they sure as heck don’t work. Wanna add a recipe to your cookbook? Well now the app lives in the cookbook cuz there’s no going back to the actual recipe. For a paid app this is unacceptable.2

Good idea, poor execution

I like the recipes but hate the forced upgrades and junk like marketplace credits. Please make the app simpler and stop forcing unnecessary and unwanted functions on people who just want the access to delicious recipes! Edited to add: first you have to pay to download the app, then you have to pay more for all the recipes that you can view for free online. Don’t waste your time with this app, just use the website.


I find it really frustrating to find a great recipe on the blog and not be able to find it because it isn’t available on the app. I purchased this first thing because of the great blog but am really disappointed they have since added recipes that need to be paid for. Even with free credits. That was added after I purchased the app. I’ll stick with the blog on my desktop.

Disrespects fans of the blog

As an app developer, it is a deeply negative experience to have found out that I need to pay for additional recipes after already paying $3. The app developers and the author were not honest and did not do enough user testing with the audience of the blog and have only alienated their core audience. The only way to rectify this is to make it free and ad supported, and have the option of purchasing a premium version with all extra recipes included. You are getting valuable feedback here - don't be arrogant and not listen to your fans here, or else your brand is gonna be sullied.

Fabulous app!

Very pretty, clean & useful app. Great for meal planning when I’m out & about.


This app makes meal planning so easy and cooking dinner hasn’t been easier or more affordable and not to mention- delicious!

Favorite App

I use it almost daily! I love the variety & simplicity of these recipes. Almost everyone single one of them is a winner. The app is easy & reliable.

Pretty awesome though could use some proofing

Some of the recipes are missing information from the website or the recipe has incorrect quantities. Otherwise it’s awesome.

Great for delicious meals made easy!

Easy app to use. Excellent source for delicious meals with easy to follow directions and pictures!

Great Recipe App, Easy to Unlock Recipes

I really enjoy this app. It is super easy to find what I’m looking for. There are tons of free recipes, and even the ones you need credits for are still cheap. You get started with 300 credits and each recipe costs only 10. You get more credits by using the app daily. My favorite part of the credit system is that you can look at the ingredients list before unlocking the recipe. A longer recipe list or one with lots of ingredients I don’t have will often cause me to choose a different recipe, so I really like that I can see that before using my credits. I love the step-by-step instruction pictures. I really helps clarify anything I have questions about. I wish I had this app a decade ago when I was starting out on my own!

Pay to give to get a sample until you divvy up an email or Facebook

Not into paying for an app, and then having to give an email before content is unlocked. There are better apps that are free, like mealime, that don't need you to violate your privacy.

love this app

i use budget bytes almost daily. i only wish there was a login on both laptop and mobile. otherwise it’s 10/10.


This app is fun but lacking alot of recipes i feel from its website so not quite worth the money just yet but im still happy to have it, i cook these recipes all the time with my friend. I am excited and hopeful to see dozens more introduced to this app that makes it more worth it, buy it now buy it later its still great

Pay more for more recipes

I love Budget Bytes, but wish she didn’t choose this app development company. This is a terrible business model. Nobody wants to pay for an app, then continue to pay to see more content. Should have had a free download, then a *one time* upgrade option that allowed people to see all the recipes. Or just make the app ~$10 from the start. Just hate that this app company is tarnishing the Budget Bytes brand!!!

Credit system is clunky

I want to start off this review by saying that I LOVE the blog and I also understand that content creators need to get paid. BUT I purchased the app before the in app purchase/credit feature was added and I feel like I paid for a product thinking I was getting access to one thing and am now being asked to purchase more to get access to what I want. I would be less upset about this if it had been clear when I was purchasing the app that this was going to be the case, but it feels like a bait and switch to me. I do appreciate that you can earn free credits, but the avg recipe is 10 credits, so those free credits don’t really go that far. I would have been happy to pay far more for the app upfront (or a yearly or monthly subscription fee) with the guarantee I was getting access to everything as opposed to this new credit system, which is confusing, hard to use and doesn’t always work properly. Prior to this change, I enthusiastically recommended this app, but the new credits system is not an improvement. If the app developers are reading this, I would highly encourage you to consider a new pricing system - either charge more for the app up front or a monthly or yearly subscription fee. A monthly or yearly subscription fee would help cover some of the cost of new content and continued development of the app, but also allow you to abandon the very clunky credit system.

Used to love it...

Was a great site, loved it so much I PAID for the app only to be told I now have to earn (forget your 300 credit token gift for a terrible business model change to try and appease angry loyal PAID customers)credits to access new content. Uninstalling and won’t be back, whoever came up with this idea should flat out be fired. As for the developer’s response anyone who changes a paid for app to a pay for content model after the original purpose and doesn’t see the folly in that is undeserving of my money. Should’ve offered refunds to those who purchased prior to this ridiculous change.

Not helpful - just use the blog

Love the website but this app is terrible. Credits and unusable search feature. Try harder!

Great recipes but....

I truly love the recipes but I just deleted the app after the update, because I'm not interested in learning how to "earn" access to more content. I would rather have paid more for the app up front.

Is so dysfunctional it doesn’t work, what a rip off

First off, I love budget bytes online. The blog is great: it has price breakdowns of each ingredient if you use the exact amount, it’s easy to search, and it’s free. The app is $3 to even see the app, and then you have to pay more to see 80% of the recipes you can see online for free. The layout is terrible, the search bar is unusable and you can’t get out of it once you tap on it unless you search something and luck out with the home bar coming back, and overall while I bought this on an iPad and it says it’s compatible for the iPad...it’s not at all. I couldn’t even type anything in the search bar or this review when trying to review in app because it won’t allow my Bluetooth keyboard to type AND for whatever reason blocks the iPad on screen keyboard (wether or not my physical keyboard is disconnected). It won’t rotate in landscape view so also weirdly unusable.....and it just point blank doesn’t have a lot of the great recipes and features the FREE site does. The recipes don’t show the cost per ingredient use and take an extra input step (that’s broken) to even see the cost per serving, and the whole app reads more like the cooking channel or some standard food app than budget bytes and all the things that are wonderful about the site. I’m not an old person who’d demand a refund typically but I feel scammed and genuinely feel like I need to ask for my money back. What a rip off!


This app had great potential but now you have to pay for credits. Very disappointed after paying for the app to begin with when it only had like 20 recipes. They promised to load more but now have to pay additional money. Yes you can get free credits but you shouldn’t be forced to click on things. 👎🏻 I’d rate 0 stars.


So I paid for your app, and now I'm told with this latest update that I need to do more signing up... and then I will have to "earn credits" or pay additional money, for other recipes? Not EVER gonna happen--I refuse to pay twice or allow myself to be sucked into micropayments or some pseudo subscription scheme. I bought this to help feed my family. I didn't buy it to play any sort of game for "credits". You also apparently wiped ALL my marked favorites. I will NOT sign up for fluff like stalking "my favorite chefs". But your search isn't working either. Maybe you want me to pay a little more for working and usable search functionality now, too? You've taken key functionality away, when I PAID FOR THIS ALREADY. I am NOT happy. I hope you reconsider this cash-grab move; the recipes I've tried have been pretty good, but let's be real for a second: I could get recipes from so many other places, too. And I will, if this app is keeps turning into a portal for nickel-and-dining it's users to death. It's a shame to see a good thing like this go so bad. 14 Dec '17; see there's a new update, am hopeful, as update leads with "We've heard you!". But nope.... all they've done is double down on the credits mechanism. :( Not the best listeners, it would seem... or they just don't care. Free credits (do you think we are all so gullible and stupid?) doesn't fix this when these inane credits are the problem in the first place. My rating stays right where it is, sadly. Maybe next update, but I'm not counting on it. Meanwhile, I continue not using the app at all.

Yeah, no.

Originally bought this to support the blog but in NO WAY was this pitched then as something that would require additional - and seemingly endless - purchases to get content updates. People deserve to make $$ but that's not the app they were originally trying to sell to people. Bait and switch a few months after launch is flat out shady and an insult to the original supporters.

Favorite of all time!

Budget Bytes is my favorite blog ever, and it’s so nice to have it in a pretty and convenient package like the app! This blog is the reason I can cook at all (and now love to!). I’m no longer pinching pennies like I used to but this remains a favorite because I will always love a practical and DELICIOUS recipe!

Helpful for college student new to cooking

Very good cookbook! It has detailed recipes and a price breakdown for all ingredients which is really helpful for college students on a budget like myself. A wonderful resource and I find myself mostly making recipes from this app. Thanks, Beth!

Love this App!

I have been a huge Fan of Budget Bytes for a couple of years, so Happy that there is a app for it! Please keep up the BEST work!! The recipes are great and I love there is a pic for each step!!!

Love this app

I didn’t even mind paying extra for premium recipes! I’ve used it tons and have been planning meals with it exclusively for weeks. The only thing I wish is that is had a grocery list builder! I also use Mealime and I love their grocery lists!

5 stars: don’t let the low score fool you

This is an amazing app! A digital cookbook of 500 recipes for $3 is a great deal. And, more importantly, the recipes are delicious and help you save money while also LEARNING how to use simple ingredients to ear healthy. I use this app on a daily basis. The star score is lower because folks were upset when a credit based marketplace update was implemented, but all these folks just wanted things for free and didn’t understand the amount of time and education required to create the step-by-step videos w voiceover that come with this package. App developers have modified this credit system, so now there is no reason to pass up buying this cookbook.

Pay to pay?

This app is meant to save you money. You purchase the app for $3 then they ask you immediately to spend more money on credits? That’s a bad customer experience. Please correct this by being more upfront with your customers. Also a shopping list compiler would be a really cool feature to add. Change these aspects and this is a 5 Star app.

Nice app. Crappy business model.

I bought the app because I’m such a big fan of Budget Bytes and Beth’s recipes. I was happy to pay up front, thinking I’d basically get a reformatted version of her website. But that doesn’t appear to be the case. Had no idea I’d be expected to basically pay to get access to certain recipes. It’s a nice looking app, but I’m not a fan of in app purchases for recipes, in a recipe app that I paid up front for.


Upsetting because this had the potential to be a great app. The website is super helpful and when I heard that there was an app, I was excited-only to be disappointed by first having to pay $3, then be prompted to "earn" credits to access the recipes, and the search button doesn't even work. I was searching for some meal prep options and nothing showed up. I'm not sure why the developers are trying to pull a scam when it's got the potential to be great on its own. 10/10 would advise against downloading. Better to just use the desktop site and hope for the best.

Loved it. Now hate it.

The micro transactions are frustrating. It makes me not use the app because why should I have to pay more for something I already purchased. And the comments from the developer saying this "wasn't their intention". Yes it was. You made the choice to add micro transactions to an app that was already paid for. Unacceptable. Also, this is a cooking app. For recipes. It doesn't have to be, nor should it be, "fun". I want to cook, not to play

Love the search

I don't usually buy apps but i really like this one because of all the features. Search is easy to useand they have fun categories. Lots of recipes. I would love for notes feature. Thanks

Finally! Budget bytes in my hand!

Always love the tasty recipes on budget, putting my laptop next to my stove top is just not ideally!! Finally and hold the recipes in my hand, looooove it!!!!

Slow cooker yum

I'm a big fan of budget bytes, especially her slow cooker recipes. They're easy and even better in this app format because there's videos that teach me how to improve.

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